Born in West Penwith, we’ve taken inspiration from the surrounding Atlantic Ocean. Of all her moods it’s those clear, fresh spring mornings that please us the most. Crisp and refreshing served with tonic, charming in a Martini and captivating in a Negroni.

A classic dry gin, with loads of floral (hibiscus flowers) and citrus notes (lemon and orange peel, lemon grass, lemon verbena), a freshness (Japanese tea), length and long sherbety finish (gorse and orris).

We like to compare it to those early Cornish spring mornings. When it’s still a wee bit cold, the sea is that crystal clear blue but you know it’s still too cold to jump in to. You’re probably wrapped up, but you feel warm and it’s crisp, invigorating. You know those mornings.

The Cornish Dry is perfect served with premium tonic, garnished with a twist of orange. We like to keep the garnish simple so that the flavours and aromas of the gin stand out. we also love this gin in a classic negroni or a dry martini but two of our favourite cocktails at the minute are a Dirty Gibson and a Marmalade Cocktail.

40% Alc/Vol 70CL

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